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Some helpful tips for your diesel fed engines:

Causes of excessive emission

Now you don't have to scratch your head every time your diesel vehicle emits too much black smoke. Below is a checklist of possible causes of excessive exhaust emission to aid diesel vehicle owners in maintaining their reliable movers. So the next time your tailpipe begins spewing a virulent mass of smoke, the cause may be any of the following:

  • Air cleaner or hose may be clogged.
  • Exhaust pipe may have too much dirt or deposits.
  • Insufficient fuel combustion due to maladjusted nozzle screw or nozzle opening.
  • Inefficient fuel injection due to clogged nozzle tips; defective valve; excessive carbon deposits in spray holes; and wrong nozzle tip installed.
    Worn-out rollers, camshaft, and camshaft bearings.
  • Wrong amount of fuel is injected into the engine, which may be caused by defective plunger and delivery valve; maladjusted governor; tampered screw of full-load stopper; fake or wrong spare parts; and defective or soft delivery valve spring.
  • Insufficient engine power due to burned or defective valve components.
  • Diluted diesel fuel or fuel with hardened deposits.
  • Defective or congested fuel filter.

Follow these simple practices in operating diesel vehicles:

  • Always use the right diesel fuel.
  • Do not tamper with the injection pump and the governor.
  • Do not over-accelerate or overload.
  • Avoid abrupt and ill-timed acceleration and deceleration.
  • Always drive with the ideal speed.
  • Warm up the engine before running.
  • Fill up the fuel tank and never allow it to run empty.
  • Always check oil and repaired only at authorized service centers.
  • Always clean the air cleaner and the exhaust pipe.
  • Use only recommended and genuine air cleaner, oil, and oil filter.

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