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Some helpful tips for your diesel fed engines:

Tune up pointers for your diesel vehicle.

Every vehicle needs periodic tune-ups just as we need a coffee break after a long day's work. Can you just imagine the strain of spending hours pencil pushing without an interim to rest and recharge for the next day? The same is true for your vehicle that needs constant maintenance services.

Tune-ups ensure accurate adjustments of the engine mechanisms that make up your vehicle. These mechanisms include the valve clearance, injection timing, starting and cooling systems, and the air intake of the engine.

Depending on your vehicle's need, there are two types of tune-up servicing -- minor and major. A minor tune-up would do just fine to mend trivial engine problems. This is also an ideal preventive measure for engines that are in fairly normal condition.

On the other hand, you would need a major tune-up for a complete engine diagnosis and repair. This is recommended for vehicles frequently used under severe driving conditions such as repeated short trips and driving on rough, salty and dusty roads.

So how often should you have your car tuned-up? Aside from the instructions you can find in your owner's manual, certain clues would serve as signals for a need to avail a tune-up. Have your vehicles checked with your dealer for diagnostic or servicing tune-up when you encounter the followning symptoms:

  • Excessive fuel consumption. Have your vehicle serviced when there is a consistent reduction in your gas mileage over several fill-ups.
  • Engine stalling or craggy running of vehicle. Maladjustment or misalignments in the engine systems cause these headaches.
  • Pinging on acceleration or engine knocking. These problems are strong signs that your engine needs tune-up services.
  • Hard starting. This kind of problem can be avoided by giving your vehicle a regular maintenance servicing.

Tuning in on tune-ups has a lot to offer aside from keeping you from common auto troubles.

Periodic maintenance optimizes your fuel mileage, and together with oil changes contribute to the prevention of engine wear.

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