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Some helpful tips for your diesel fed engines:

The diesel fuel injection pump / injectors is the heart of your diesel engine. Take good care of it.

Avoid the use of dirt and water contaminated diesel fuel. Change filters and drain your tank regularly to remove dirt and moist formed water.

Avail of the services of a qualified diesel mechanic to check on your vehicle regularly before any serious damage and expensive repairs are needed.

Avail of the services of a duly authorized and well-equipped service center that can do factory specified calibration using original spare parts.

Improperly calibrated injection pump and injectors is more expensive resulting from engine premature breakdown and consequent down time for non-usage of your vehicle.

Avoid the use of fake and spurious parts. Request for factory guarantee for your repairs. Only duly authorized service centers can give you these, at no extra cost.

More service tips for fuel inejctor service:

In the fuel injection system of a diesel engine, fuel injectors act as a link between the fuel injection pump and the engine. They contribute to fuel metering, prepare the fuel, deliver it and seal the fuel injection system from the combustion chamber.

As a major component of the fuel injector, injection nozzles must operate at peak efficiency. Once the nozzle spray is altered, engine performance and emission are adversely affected.

At the first sign of an engine miss or loss of power, the nozzle should be checked, but only after other potential culprits, such as plugged fuel filter, have been found to be in proper working order.

Nozzle tips that are dirty and covered with carbon will not allow a proper spray pattern to be injected into the cylinder. Nozzles that are not clean may allow dripping, produce a distorted spray pattern or suffer excessive leak-off. In which case, it will adversely affect engine performance.

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