Betan Calibration Technique Services


Betan only uses the proper machine and special tools to calibrate your pump. All of our branches are equipped with the Bosch Calibrating Machines. All Calibrating Machines are constantly checked and calibrated to ensure that it is on tip top shape.Technology being used are constantly updated to keep pace with the German standards which is of the highest quality.

Betan not only uses the proper machine and tools but also, they employ only the best people qualified for the job. Each technician is certified for having passed the rigorous trainings conducted by German, Japanese and American Service Instructors.


With the fast pace of technology nowadays, we made sure that servicing your pump would be of the highest quality of standards. Parts look up and up to date service data is easy using the latest in Information Technology from Original Equipment Manufacturers. Without this, misinterpreting or simply guessing will be more costly and more time consuming.

We have a wide array of readily available parts for your injection pump and injector needs. All parts are sourced globally, which is regularly done by our stocks management division. If and when your parts are not available, we can order them easily and have it shipped via courier.


In our quest to become a one stop repair shop, we will be adding a new service geared toward gasoline fuel injection servicing. Using the ASNU Injector Diagnostic and Servicing System we will be able to provide the complete solution created by fouled or contaminated petrol injectors.

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To complement our planned servicing of gasoline fuel injection systems, we see to it that we will have the necessary spare parts, replacement parts and brand new units for a faster turn around time.


Soon, Betan will also be offering turbo repair, sales and service to any types of turbo. Watch out for this!




We also now offer the latest in engine decarbonizing. With Carbon Clean fuel system service, we can remove the carbon, gum and varnish from your engine - from intake to exhaust without overhauling.



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